Kimi Werner isn’t your typical spearfisher. Not only can she hold her breath for 5 minutes while free diving, she’s also been known to bite into live octopus after capturing them while swimming back to the surface. She also boasts 90 thousand Instagram followers who keep up with her crazy life and awesome exploits.

Miss Werner believes that many people have become too far disconnected from where their food comes from and what needs to happen for it to end up on their table. Spear fishing in her native Hawaii has allowed her to become more connected to what she eats on a daily basis.

Typically armed with just a spear and a knife, Kimi holds her breath up to 4 minutes and 45 seconds as she hunts her aquatic prey, including 160lb yellow fin tuna.

A photo posted by Kimi Werner (@kimi_swimmy) on

A photo posted by Kimi Werner (@kimi_swimmy) on

A photo posted by Kimi Werner (@kimi_swimmy) on

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