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“First Shots” Program Teaches Kids How To Properly Handle A Gun

Kansas based program First Shots is introducing kids as young as 8-years-old to firearms and teaching them about gun safety. That’s something we can get behind, especially since it will help children learn a healthy respect for firearms and reduce accidents because of finding and misusing a gun.

Kids participating in the class will learn about gun safety while also satisfying any curiosity they may have about guns.

A program like this makes a lot of sense to almost anyone who hunts or owns a gun, but there’s a growing stigma placed on guns by more and more people recently, so it’s not surprising this class won’t sit well with everyone. The great thing about that is, if you don’t want your child to learn about gun safety, don’t enroll them in First Shots — it’s really that simple — and we can avoid all the name calling that comes with almost anything gun related.

One thing is for sure, third-grader Brody Risen and his father Paul are both enjoying the opportunity to be a part of the program.

“It kind of felt (like) energy in my body,” Brody responded when asked what it felt like to shoot a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun for the first time.

“I learned the four safety rules,” Brody said. “Never point the gun somewhere or in danger and never… I forgot.”

Luckily for Brody, he’ll have the opportunity for a memory refresher in Second Shots, where they learn more about handling guns and shoot rifles in addition to handguns.

“I think the younger you are, the more you’re comfortable with it around them, the better they are to handle (guns),” Paul said.

What’re your thoughts on a course like this? Is it good for kids to learn about gun safety as early as possible or should they wait until a later age?

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