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Shark Steals Spearers Catch, Then Turns its Attention to the Angler

Tim Van Beelen was ticked off when a shark attacked the permit he had just caught with his speargun. After the dusky shark stole Beelen’s catch, he gave it the finger to show his frustration with the sharp-toothed jerk. Apparently the shark either offense to the hand gesture, or he wasn’t done with them yet.

After temporarily swimming off, the shark showed back up and started acting in a much more vicious manner. Beelen can be heard screaming and yelling for the boat driver to “come and get us,” as the shark thrashes around below them.

Capable of reaching a length of 10 feet, the dusky shark is more than capable of causing serious injury to a human. Luckily for these guys, they were able to walk away with nothing more than a lost fish and a good story.