A standup paddleboarder had quite the lunch break encounter with a shark this past Thursday – and we aren’t talking about lunch at his favourite sushi joint.

Maximo Trinidad was out in the surf near Corners Beach, Carlin Park in Jupiter, Fl enjoying his afternoon break from work when he suddenly slammed into a shark, knocking him off his board. Luckily, Trinidad caught the whole thing on camera.

The last thing I want to do is wind up in the surf right after I see a shark, much less slam into it. Trinidad took it all in stride and was excited to get back to work to show his coworkers.

“As soon as I saw that big beautiful animal jumping next to me, everything went into slow motion.  I didn’t want to be on top of it and think I was a fish.  Everything was so surreal.  It was so cool,” said Trinidad.

This wasn’t even his first close encounter with a shark!

Image: WPTV

Image: WPTV

“On one occasion, a shark jumped on my left side again, 2 feet next to me, almost at eye level, and that was impressive.  There was a group of surfers next to me looking at it with big eyes,” he said.

Watch below as Trinidad discusses his shark encounters with WPTV:

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