After a crocodile attacked and killed a teenager in Kutai, Kartanegara, Indonesia, a shaman named Suprianto said he would recover the body and that his ‘powers’ would keep him safe.

Suprianto can be seen in the clip below after he’s already in the water and chanting while he searches for the body of the missing boy, named Arjuna. The shaman swims for a few feet before disappearing under the water. It happens so fast that the people watching aren’t really sure what just happened.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Police ended up recovering both bodies after they initially found Suprianto floating.

“I think he was dragged by a croc under the water and then ran out of oxygen,” said Kutai Kartanegara Police Chief Fadillah Zulkarnaen. “From the pictures I’ve seen, his body is still intact, his arms and legs are still there.”

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