What is this “fish”?


At Outdoors360, we’re sent a lot of incredible outdoor stories, videos, and photos, but sometimes we receive an image like this. We do our best to research and contact those directly involved with the stories. Reddit among other sites have theories and lots of input from their users…”He looks too dejected and disappointed”, “It doesn’t look very impressed”, and an unbelievable comparison to Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


Ultimately, we’ve tracked down this description, and it appears to be the most valid. This photo has gone viral — 4 years after it was taken.

9/27/11– This photo was taken about a month ago by my friend Mike M. who owns and captains the fishing vessel Miss Claudine here in Sitka Alaska. He just returned from a month long salmon fishing trip and was sharing his photos with me when this pic popped up on his computer. At first I thought he had caught something like a dismembered alien’s head and I was completely fascinated with the human like eyes and features. It took him a while to convince me that it’s a Spiney Lump Sucker fish. I exclaimed that I need to remember that name because,..that would be a great descriptive to hurl next time I’m upset with someone,..”you Spiney Lump Sucker you!!”. Truly it looks like some alien DNA was crossed with an amphibian and this was the results. I didn’t ask him if they are edible,..but since Mike’s from Texas I’m sure he would say “it tastes like chicken”!

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Here’s a video of a Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker…we’ll let you be the judge!

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