Kameron Brown and his buddy Bobby Harrison had no idea their day out fishing kelp paddy’s on the fly would turn into them spotting and hooking up with a true monster of a great white.

While they were fishing one paddy, Kameron decided to switch to a smaller one that was about 100 feet away. He decided not to reel in his line as they drifted. They noticed a massive shadow under the water as they drifted and with further investigation, they realized it was a great white shark weighing around 1500-pounds and it swam right under their boat.

It ended up eating Brown’s fly that had been left in the water – whether by accident or intentionally he’s not sure. What he is sure of is that the shark made a beeline for the depths one he had been hooked and had no intention of stopping.

“About 5 minutes or so of fishing the fish, I realized I was about to donate an $80 fly line as I saw sections of backing I never thought I’d see……,” wrote Brown. “And to top it off, we had tuna boiling just off the bow on a massive school of bait fish…..”

At least he only lost his fly-line and not an arm. We’ll make sure we stay dry anytime we’re near kelp paddies from here on out.

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