Kellan Hunt is no ordinary four-year-old. Just how many people even five times his age do what he’s doing? Not many. Check out this jaw-dropping video of him pancaking his castnet and catching bait for his grandfather, the legendary West Central Florida Captain Scott Moore.

Four-year-old mate catching bait for me today

Posted by Moore Fishing Charters on Sunday, July 17, 2016

There is NO DOUBT he’s already an above average fisherman, and with a family full of exceptional fishermen we’re going to see a whole lot more of Kellan Hunt. We’ve featured his uncle, Justin Moore, who caught a tarpon that by all estimations would have smashed the world record: World Record Tarpon Released. And, his dad is a member of our TeamOutdoors360 and SaltLife, and continually raises the bar with amazing spearfishing videos, drone footage, and beautiful camera work – he recently was featured: See the FSDA’s 2015 Videographer of the Year, Courtland Hunt, in Action.

His adventures of catching bonnet-head sharks, sheepshead and flounder have been featured on Outdoors360 before. Killeen continually proves there are big things in the future for this fishing star (aka, shark whisperer) – just check out that shirt below. He’s the epitome of Outdoors 360 wrapped up in one tiny package!

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