The search for an escaped cobra is underway in Ocala, Florida. The 2-foot long snake disappeared from its cage around 9 p.m. on Monday night near Ocala Tuscawilla Park, according to police.

The snake is highly venomous and is tan in color.

Brian Purdy, who holds a permit to have venomous reptiles and is the snakes owner, was training an apprentice, who was watching the snake when it got loose.

He reported the snake missing to the FWC around 11:15 p.m.

“He didn’t see the snake in the case, and was just concerned about it and wanted to make sure it was OK, so he opened the cage to check on it,” said FWC officer Steve McDaniel.



There’s a possibility that the snake was eaten by another animal inside Purdy’s home, but no one knows yet for sure. If the snake did make it out of the house, it’s likely the snake is close by due to the cold weather.

Wherever the snake ended up, it’s clear he’s already making the most of his escape and making use of social media. Ocala Cobra has already tweeted 86 times as of posting and apparently he’s a fan of GI Joe.

One way or the other, until the snake is found, nearby Ocala residents will be on edge.

If anyone spots the cobra they should stay away and call FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922.

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