Otters aren’t necessarily an animal you’d think a lion and a hyena would play well with, but don’t tell this orphaned otter and his two buddies that. It’s an unlikely friendship, but Moses isn’t your typical otter. After being found orphaned on the side of a river, the Cape clawless otter was discovered when he was only a few weeks old and brought to Anel Snyman at Loebies Guest farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela, South Africa.

During his time at the park, he has been trained to swim and dive for food and has broken out of the typically shy nature that otters display in the wild, especially when it comes to his two friends. The bond between the three animals started due to all three of them being rehabilitated in Anel’s home at the same time. What resulted from those times together is a friendship that will last forever…as long as no one gets eaten.

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