Did you see Paul Rosollie get ‘EATEN ALIVE’ by an anaconda on Discovery Channel? Don’t worry — NO ONE DID! He put on a RoboCop suit, marinated himself in pig blood, and hit the panic button when the snake squeezed too tight. He was essentially nibbled alive, and then bailed out.

The brave gentleman in the video below takes it to another level – he literaly uses himself as bait, and basically wears only his shorts (no medieval knight armor needed). He is literally being EATEN ALIVE all the way up to his knee, until his hunting buddies come in for the kill.

WARNING : This video is extremely graphic, and the snake doesn’t survive.



To see a 2 minute version of Paul’s attempt at being eaten alive on Discovery Channel (shortened from 2 hours) click below. There is some cool footage looking down the mouth of a live anaconda.


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