We’re never going to take a breather while we’re in the woods ever again. After Nick the Wrangler recently took a break in the woods, he had an unexpected guest join him – an eastern diamondback rattlesnake!

Once the snake comes up, he tries everything he can do to make him move, without moving much himself. His efforts just end up causing the snake to crawl into his lap, which most likely caused him to need a new pair of pants and underwear. Fortunately for Nick, he eventually got the snake to move away enough to where he could quickly run off without getting bitten. Now we’re just wondering why the cameraman didn’t attempt to help. We would be finding a new guy to help us out after this one!

Nick says that this video is proof that rattlesnakes don’t want to bite. While that may be true, we think it’s more proof that it’s always a REALLY good idea to thoroughly check your surroundings when in the wild.

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