Packing for a camping trip isn’t always easy. Every trip can be completely different, requiring a different approach to figuring out everything you absolutely need and making room for it. One thing that was never an option for camping trips until now? A hot tub. But now that it is, camping will never be the same.

The Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub is a thing of beauty. There aren’t many situations that a hot tub can’t make better, and the team at The Original Nomad knew camping could only get better with the ultimate in heated leisure aquatics.

Now, this isn’t something that will ever be feasible for backpackers (it weighs 50 pounds) but car campers just got the product they didn’t know they’ve been dreaming about.

Once the hot tub is set up, it’s time to get things cooking. The water is heated thanks to a stainless steel tube that moves water around a fire source (either wood or propane) before returning to the hot tub.

You’ll want to stick pretty close to a water source – those trips to a water source with a bucket are a killer at long distances.


At the end of the day, there’s no better way to wind down from adventuring than by sitting in some hot water.

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