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Fishing Paradise on a Budget: Pelican Point Grand Bahama Island

Every fisherman has their secret spot. Few are willing to share it with anyone.

Fishing-Paradise-On-a-Budget-Pelican-PointIn this eBook, Outdoors360 CEO Rob Chapman shares the secret fishing spot he stumbled on with friends years ago. They knew the fishing would be good, but they didn’t realize it would be good enough to force them back on an annual basis.

This spot has produced boatloads of fish for Rob and his friends during their trips, and now he’s ready to share all of the secrets.

Here are 5 things you’ll gain from downloading this eBook:

  • Steps on how to plan your trip to fishing paradise
  • Detailed fishing stories
  • High-resolution pictures from the fishing spot and house
  • Details on how to plan a guys-only fishing trip
  • A map of where to catch bonefish, snapper, grouper and more

Don’t let this location get booked before your trip is secured!