The newest shark species comes straight from a sci-fi movie. It hides deep in the depths, so its black skin keeps it camouflaged, but it has special skin cells that allow it to glow in the dark.

The Ninja Lanternshark species has the scientific name Etmopterus benchleyi. A researcher told reporters that the sleek, black shark’s common name was derived from a suggestion by her young cousins. The name was chosen by four children aged 8-14 which makes the name that much better.

It was discovered in the Pacific Ocean, near the coasts of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. The species was named Etmopterus benchley, in honor of Peter Benchley, author of Jaws. Etmopterus benchley is a small shark, growing up to 20-inches, and lives at depths ranging between 2,750-feet to 5,000-feet. In the darks of the ocean, Etmopterus benchleyi emits a faint glow.

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