Columbia High School is located in Lake City, Florida and has some fantastic bass fishing, along with a large population of alligators throughout the many different lakes. Brand new Principal Trey Hosford found out first-hand when he was greeted with a 6.5 foot gator on his first week on the job. This isn’t CHS’s first time in the news with a gator story, last year a near 13-foot monster was removed from a lake beside the school on video.

From Tiger Town’s Facebook page:

Teacher, basketball coach, principal, now…he can add gator wrangler to his resumé. Mr. Hosford with a 6.5-ft gator in the student parking lot at CHS this morning. Welcome to CHS!

FWC contracted nuisance trappers Scott and Cameron Mccauley were called to the scene and helped with the relocation efforts.


The gator looking for a parking spot.


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