Anyone who’s ever been in the bitter cold knows that typical gloves don’t do much to alleviate frozen hands when they don’t generate heat. Hand warmers help, but are only so effective because they only heat the portion of the hand they’re touching, and heated gloves haven’t managed to keep a charge for longer than a few hours at best – but now that’s all changed.

Seirus‘ has solved the problem of the battery power issue that plagues most heated gloves with their new Hellfire gloves, which can provide heat that lasts all day. Thanks to an ultra-lightweight rechargeable battery and Serius’ Flexible Fusion heat panels, the gloves provide heat to the entire hand that’ll go wherever you go for as long as you’re there.

Users are able to adjust to any one of the gloves three settings with the simple touch of a button. The low setting gets you up to twelve hours of constant heat, medium lasts up to eight hours and high heat will last you four. This is a complete game changer, seeing as competing heated gloves don’t even last half that time.

The gloves feature a sheepskin leather shell and softshell with 280-grams of HeatLock insulation. They’re even touchscreen friendly and are waterproof to keep any of that pesky snow from melting it’s way into portable hand ovens.

At a price of $425, they won’t be cheap when they hit stores this winter, but that’s a small price to pay to keep your hands from falling off.


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