Technology is changing the fishing industry daily, but Fitch is attempting to change fishing forever with “The Casting Drone”. According to their website it is the first autonomous casting drone – ever.

Fitch enables you to cast thousands of feet away. With enhanced casting distance you’ll reach more fish in a much wider fishing arena.

Use Fitch and your smartphone to drop your line beyond any casting stroke where bigger fish are schooling. Rise above limitations like rough surf, shallow water and headwinds while overcoming extreme distances.

Fitch’s Top Features – according to their website.

  • Waterproof & Buoyant – Fitch takes off and lands on fresh or salt water
  • Casting Range – Up to 1,500 feet
  • 100% autonomous – Fitch takes off, delivers lure, and lands by itself
  • Payload capacity – up to 2 pounds
  • Failsafe – Low battery, over tension and over payload auto-return. Handling wind speeds up to 25mph
  • Intuitive smartphone app – Drop history, remaining casts, satellite view, and more
Fitch Fishing and Casting Drone
So, there you have it, straight from gofitch.go – We have no idea on pricing yet, but we do know it’s guaranteed to generate interest from the fishing community.
What do you think? Game changer? Too early to tell?
We’ll be watching closely … and continue to fish with our regular old rods and reels in the meantime!

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