It looks like a new Florida law may soon allow individuals in a “gun-free” business sue the establishment should they be left defenseless during an attack or robbery. This NRA-backed measure will make businesses think twice before discriminating against individuals with a concealed carry.

This proposal from Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube says in moving the SB 610 proposal forward, the “Legislature intends to find a balance” between gun owners’ rights and private property rights.

This decision will help give much needed rights to people who would’ve otherwise been defenseless should a shooting occur.

“It’s the premise in Florida that if a private business wants to prohibit guns in their location that’s open to public, that’s fine they can do that,” Steube said. “But if you’re going to do that, in my opinion, I should have some assumption that I’m going to be protected as a conceal-carry permit-holder because you’re taking away my ability to defend myself.”

In other words, places that ban guns should provide protection to the potentially vulnerable patrons should an attack ever happen. If they aren’t willing to do that and want to continue to be a “gun-free” zone, then they’re liable to have legal action taken against them.



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