An invitation to move to an island where you’ll be given a job and land to live on sounds too good to be true. It actually sounds like the setup to ending up on an island with an insane millionaire who hunts people for sport.

All joking aside, the people of Cape Brenton, Canada are desperate for people to move and take up residence on their island. They’re desperate because people are leaving due to the economy and lack of people moving their on their own.

“Our population is shrinking. A slow economy, in combination with out-migration has us on an unsustainable path. The truth is we welcome all, no matter the ideology. We have a beautiful island, a friendly people, a rich culture and a bright future. Join us here on Cape Breton Island!”

Jobs in the area range from technical support to a cook to positions in research and the government.

Cape Breton is a beautiful island that is known throughout the world for its gorgeous views and friendly communities.

Out of all the perks of moving to Cape Breton, the best one comes thanks to The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market. They want people to move here so much that they offered a job and two acres of land to anyone who wanted to move to the village.

Free land on a beautiful island? All we can say is sign us up!

Posted by The Farmer's Daughter Country Market on Sunday, August 28, 2016


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