It’s not just people who run to the police when they need help, a recent encounter between a mother goose and a police officer shows.

James Givens, a police officer from Cincinnati, Ohio, didn’t know what was going on when he heard a knock on his patrol car’s door. Unable to see where the sound was originating from, he opened his door and got an interesting surprise when he realized it was a goose that had been pecking on his door.

This wasn’t just a friendly goose that wanted to be polite and say hey, this mother was on a mission to save one of her babies that had, ironically enough, been tangled up in string from a Mother’s Day balloon.


“It kept pecking and pecking and normally they don’t come near us,” Givens told WKRC Cincinnati. “Then it walked away and then it stopped and looked back so I followed it and it led me right over to the baby that was tangled up in all that string.”

The officer managed to help the little gosling get free from the tangled mess of string. Givens shot video of the officer he enlisted to help untangle the gosling, Specialist Cecilia Charron.


“Well she has a couple of kids of her own and I guess that motherly instinct must’ve kicked in because it was like they communicated. The mother goose didn’t bother her,” Given said. “So Specialist Charron came and untangled it. It took her awhile because it was all wrapped up.”

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