A Colorado mother discovered her 5-year-old son pinned to the ground by a cougar when she responded to screams outside on Friday night. According to Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, the boy had been playing with his older brother at the time.

The woman, whose name hasn’t been released, didn’t hesitate on how to respond as she physically got between the mountain lion and her son. She received minor injuries to her arms and legs in the process of removing her son from the mountain lion, which had its paws on the boys face, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Alex Burchetta.

Image: animalialife.com

Image: animalialife.com

The boy received injuries to his face, head and neck, according to police, and was reported to be in fair condition after being taken to a Denver hospital by his father around 8 p.m. The mother was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital and has been released.

Authorities returned to the family’s home after questioning them and discovered a mountain lion in the front yard. A U.S. Forest Officer killed the cougar, according to a release. A second mountain lion is currently being tracked, with plans to kill it.

Being in larger groups helps when in any region known for cougar activity, according to the park service.

“If you see a lion, stop and do not run. Maintain eye contact and do all you can to appear larger,” the Park Service advises. “Speak calmly to the lion in a firm, calm voice. If attacked, fight back. Lions have been known to be driven away by prey that fights back.”

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