This video from a GoPro is truly amazing for deepwater fishermen. At depths of 750-feet, there is almost no light. Capt. Nick Stanczyk and Capt. Sara Michael from Bud N Marys catch a monster golden tilefish on camera in 750′ of water eating the bait and fighting to the surface.



About Golden Tilefish: In the South Atlantic, tilefish is caught in the snapper-grouper fishery. In an effort to rebuild less abundant snapper-grouper species, managers have imposed stricter harvest limitations on snapper-grouper fishermen. As a result, more fishermen have started targeting tilefish, intensifying the existing “race to fish” and resulting in a shortened season. The tilefish fishing season has recently been shortened to such a degree that South Carolina longline fishermen (who typically cannot fish until April or May due to weather conditions) and hook-and-line fishermen in Florida (who typically do not fish until the fall) are increasingly unable to participate in the fishery. To resolve this problem, managers created separate quotas for the longline fishers and hook-and-line fishers. Additionally, fishery managers implemented measures that limit participation in the longline component of the commercial tilefish fishery and limit the amount of tilefish fishermen can harvest per fishing trip.


About Bud N Marys : Located an hour and a half south of Miami, on the southern tip of beautiful Islamorada in the Florida Keys, you will find Bud N’ Mary’s Fishing Marina. Established in 1944 and home to over 40 legendary fishing captains and guides, it is the oldest and largest fishing fleet in the Florida Keys Fishing industry. Islamorada is known as the Sportfishing Capital of the World, and rightfully so. More world record fish have been caught from our waters than any other location on earth. What facilitates Islamorada’s reputation is that the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico all surround this island in the central Keys. Every fish that swims in our hemisphere can be caught here. Fishing in the Keys is an angler’s dream come true!


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