An Arizona couple is left kicking themselves after catching a monster bluegill and not weighing it a month ago.

Todd McDonald and his wife Sherry caught a bluegill that was 16 inches long and probably weighed around 3 pounds while fishing in Thompson Bay. It’s just too bad thy didn’t have it officially weighed.

“I didn’t take that [fish] in or have it weighed or anything like that,” McDonald said.

People are wondering if it could’ve possibly beat the three-pound, 10.4 ounce state record. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never know now.

“It’s close but it would have to be verified, seen and documented in some way,” said Deanna Pfleger, field supervisor for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

This is just another case of why it’s always important to have the fish properly weighed if you think it even has a chance of breaking a record. It’s better left knowing it missed the mark than wondering what could’ve been.


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