Before you read any further, this photo is NOT photoshopped!

UPDATE 2/3/2016: The iceberg photo was actually taken by Dan Rumbolt, off the shores of Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland. It was taken while he was out for an early morning kayak. The nose of his kayak is in the photo.
It was posted in the Down Home Magazine and in their 2016 Calander.

There, now we can move on to the photo that went viral via Reddit. This photo was posted by Reddit user carriehunt of an amazing looking iceberg spotted off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.


After a number of experts (and non-experts) weighed in, the scientific explanation came from Reddit user mmbah_: “To go in further detail, the white ice is younger and less dense than the clear ice.

Icebergs come from glaciers and glaciers are formed from snow compacting overtime and not melting during the summer months. Over time the snow, due to pressure becomes more dense and forms into solid ice. White ice is much younger and less dense, the clear ice is much older and very dense. I cant explain the patterns though ahah maybe some type of up thrust of the clear ice over time.”

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