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Massive Great White Shark Chomps Down On Chum Bag As Couple Watches

A giant great white surprised Carter Bates, a commercial fisherman, and his girlfriend, Suzy Gumbo, after it broke through the surface and started tearing into a chum bag hanging off the back of their boat.

Gumbo brought out her phone and started recording as soon as she saw the shark, which can be seen repeatedly biting at the bag until it gets every last bite out of its snack.

“Oh my God,” Grumbo repeatedly says in the clip.

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before,” she later said.

The shark didn’t just go for the bag of chum as soon as it spotted it. According to Bates, the great white circled the boat for several hours before going for the 100 pound bag.

There aren’t many people who will ever find themselves in such close proximity to a feasting white shark and it’s something they’ll never forget.

“When it’s there, right there, it’s like yeah, a little intimidating, but at the same time amazing because that’s a creature I’ll probably never ever see again,” Bates said.