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Shrimp are delicious, there’s no denying that. The only down side is their size generally lives up to their name, “shrimp.” However, there are exceptions in the case of massive shrimp and prawns that you could make a meal out of eating just one. So, the bigger the better, right? Not in the case of the tiger shrimp.

The Asian tiger shrimp can grow to be 18 inches long and weight one pound; that’s insanely massive and you’re probably wondering where you can get one of these. Right in your own ocean – the Gulf to be more specific. These massive shrimp are said to be delicious, and that’s all well and good…except they cannibalize other crustaceans and anything else they can manage to swallow.

These shrimp are generally found in southern Japan and southeast Asia as well as South America. These invasive shrimp can eat three times their weight. These guys have monster appetites and regularly eat crabs, clams and gulf shrimp. They’re trying to establish themselves in a new territory, and that spells trouble for many of our favorite seafood when their population grows.

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