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Massive Brown Snake Drags a Bearded Dragon Across the Road and Into the Bush

This isn’t your everyday sight. This has to be one of the biggest brown snakes we’ve ever seen and it’s showing off in a terrifying fashion by dragging its kill across the road. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this happened in Australia.

Most of the time, a scene like this would happen and no one would ever get the chance to see it. Luckily for us, a passerby saw it all and decided to capture it (landscape orientation and all!) so us non Australians can see just what we’re missing.

Via Andrew Hull:

So I’m driving up the river road from Wilcannia, composing a poem for Ian Marr, heart full of the bush, the autumn sun, and the wide red road, upon which lay a sizeable brown snake eating a bearded dragon. I thought “bugger me – Australia!!” Then thought ‘the only thing this scene needs is a barefoot bogan to film it on his phone and stick it on Facebook’….So I did.