It’s a great time for fishermen in California with the massive amount of giant largemouth bass that are starting to show-up; none know this better than Greg Springer, who landed a mammoth size bass weighing in at 16.3 pounds – from the shore at that – at Lake Wohlford on Friday, according to SDFish.com.

Springer already has some impressive catches – a 12-pound bass already under his belt this year – but this is a once in a lifetime catch for the angler. Having ran come across the fish twice in the previous week, he knew it was massive. He finally managed to snag the beast on his third attempt (second attempt in the area that day) with a 3:16 glide bait.

Check out these photos of Greg Springer with his 16 pound super bass:

Image: Greg Springer

Image: Greg Springer

Image: Greg Springer

Image: Greg Springer


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