The shallow sand flats of Fraser Island off Australia’s East Coast might be one of the few places in the world where an angler can catch a marlin in chest-deep water. When conditions are right, you can even get dozens of shots every day. Al McGlashan dragged his camera crew out to the remote north end of the largest sand island in the world to capture this stunning footage. Story and photos by Al McGlashan.


Fishing the marlin grounds off the top of Fraser Island can be a logistical nightmare. The distance involved and a lack of facilities means crews must prepare ahead and be completely self-sufficient — including toting along a 1,000 liters of fuel.



Home sweet home! Camping on the beach at the top end of Fraser is all part of the adventure, and offers quick access to the fishing grounds. While this may be roughing it, if you make it out here, you’ll get to enjoy it all under a bright night sky with millions of stars.



To read the rest of the article on FishTrak, and see Al’s beautiful photos from this adventure click here: How to Catch Black Marlin in Shallow Waters

To visit Al McGlashan’s website, click here: http://www.almcglashan.com

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