Sometimes you just need to let Darwinism’s run of “survival of the fittest” run its course. Such was the case for what should have happened in an incident that resulted in the killing of two African lions in a Chile zoo on Saturday.

It all started when a man, 20-year-old Franco Luis Ferrada, stripped naked and jumped into the lion pen in an attempt at an apparent suicide. If that wasn’t enough, he began taunting the lions – one male and one female – causing them to begin mauling him.

Zookeepers attempted to stop the lions – which had been at the zoo for over 20 years – with a waterhose before resorting to a tranquilizer dart. Unfortunately, zookeepers missed the lions and shot Ferrada in the neck.

WARNING: This video is graphic, and we didn’t want to embed it on our website. If you want to view the video from another website click this link – Video Contains Content Some May Find Disturbing

At this point, they switched to live rounds, critically wounding the lions and stopping the attack and giving them the opportunity to get Ferrara out and rush him to a clinic.


Complaints have been made about how the incident was handled, but at the end of the day, saving a person whose life is at risk and sacrificing the animals is protocol for such an incident.

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