A year after a Minnesota dentist made international headlines for fatally shooting Cecil the lion on a hunt in Zimbabwe, his boat was stolen Sunday and crashed on a Florida island.

Walter Palmer left his boat keys on the lanai for a maintenance person scheduled to work on the boat, according to Naples Daily News. Instead, police say Palmer’s neighbor, 26-year-old Andrew Derwin, stole the $61,175 boat and crashed it off Caxambas Pass. Derwin was arrested Tuesday on a felony charge of grand theft.



When emergency crews arrived at the crash, they provided first aid to Derwin’s passenger who came into contact with the boat’s propeller. Upon investigation, police discovered the boat was registered to Palmer.

This isn’t the first time Palmer’s property has been compromised in Marco Island. His vacation home was vandalized last August, when someone spray-painted the words “Lion killer!” in blue on the white garage door of the $1.1 million home. The vandals also left at least seven pickled pig’s feet on the home’s driveway near the street, the Daily News reported.

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