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Man Dies After Being Bitten By Timber Rattlesnake Twice While Attempting To Move It

An attempt to move a timber rattler out of harm’s way ended with an Oklahoma man dying.

57-year-old Barry Lester died after getting bitten by a rattlesnake twice while moving it. He was on his way to Keystone Lake with his wife for a trip for his birthday.

Lester sustained bites on each hand while moving the snake. After putting the snake in his toolbox he called for help. Once ambulances arrived, it was already too late as attempts to revive Lester proved unsuccessful.

A combination of the venom and an existing heart condition is what doctors say caused his death.

With snake activity at a high around this time of year, make sure to avoid close contact with any poisonous species. Whatever the situation, don’t attempt to pick one up to move it for any reason.

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