This just goes to show you, it’s not the gear that makes the fisherman, it’s how he uses what he has.

A 400-pound Goliath grouper was recently caught by Ryan Hein of St. Petersburg, FL. He didn’t use the latest lure to snag this mammoth (technically) but he did use something you’ve probably never seen before – a wrench. That’s right, he caught this monster using a lure made from a wrench:

If you want your own wrench lure, all you need is an 11mm wrench and a couple of hooks – that’s it. Amazingly enough, Hein managed to haul in the grouper with a 50-pound test line.

He had a lot working against him and still managed to land the catch and the story of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Hein lost the wrench lure later that day, but it gave him the chance to move up to a 14mm wrench for his next outing.


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