Think your commute to work is rough? At least it doesn’t involve fighting off an ambush of three coyotes!

A man was attacked by coyotes in Boulder, Colorado while walking to work and was hospitalized due to his injuries.

According to reports, he fought them off with a flashlight and ran about 70 yards while being attacked before he could finally get away.

“They lunged at him and were scratching and biting,” said Jennifer Churchill, a spokeswoman for Parks and Wildlife.

Though this type of behavior is still uncommon in coyotes, it is happening more frequently because they’re losing their natural fear of humans. That’s a problem that needs to be fixed or more attacks like this will happen.

Officials tracked and killed two of the coyotes after the incident, but the third hadn’t been found.

“We will continue to look because we do consider this a predatory kind of attack,” Churchill said.

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