There’s nothing like hauling a striped bass out of the water that you instantly know is the catch of a lifetime.

Billy Driessen knows that better than anybody after the massive striped bass he caught in the Sacramento River near Chico, CA.

After a ten minute fight, Driessen brought in the striped bass which came in at 57 pounds, 46 inches long and had a 32-inch girth. He released the fish after a quick picture, giving another angler a chance to snag it when it’s even bigger. While huge, this is still a few lb’s off the IGFA World record of 81 lbs and 14 ounces.

Driessen’s setup he used was an 11″ Hiroshima Customs Glidebait with an 8′ Elite Styx – SW Glide 9614 XXHeavy Mod/Fast 6-14 oz. and Okuma Komodo 463 bait casting reel with 100-pound Power Pro braided line.

Image: activenorcal.com

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