After spotting a bear near his farm that got a little too close to a flock of ducks, a llama, named Noir, decided to jump the fence and go after the big furry beast.

He thought the bear was a threat to the flock, which he’s very protective over, according to Jackson, New Hampshire, Police Chief Chris Perley.

After pursuing the bear from Moody Farm Road farm and leaping an electric fence, the llama wound up at Eagle Mountain Golf Course, which is about three miles away.

“All of a sudden, we started getting all these calls from golfers saying there was a llama in the middle of the course, and he didn’t have a tee time,” Perley said. “One couple from Florida said the only things they’d seen on courses down there were crocodiles. This was their first llama, so it made their day.”

Noir was found on the sixth fairway and was lead home until he stopped and decided he didn’t want to walk any further. Police then loaded him on a flatbed trailer and took him the rest of the way.


“Llamas are like donkeys, they’re not going to move unless they want to,” Perley said. “Noir is a big boy, he’s got to be a good 300-plus pounds.”

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