Rebranding isn’t always met with open arms, especially when it involves a 164-year-old company changing its name.

Legendary gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, recently changed its name to “American Outdoor Brands.” They made the change in order to diversify their image and create a brand that represents their wide variety of products they offer.

James Debney, the CEO of the company, offered these words on the matter:

“We are excited about the results of today’s stockholder vote. We believe that American Outdoor Brands Corp. is a name that truly represents our broad and growing array of brands and businesses in the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast markets.”

The main reason for the change is because the Smith & Wesson name is mostly recognized as a firearms brand. Fortunately, the guns sold by the company will still fall under the Smith & Wesson name.

This change will help the company grow and hopefully offer one of our favorite firearms for another 164 years – they’ll just technically be called an American Outdoor Brands Smith & Wesson.

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