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Knickers The Giant Cow Is Hard To Miss In Certain Crowds

If you’ve never seen him, Knickers is one giant steer. The Holstein looks like he got hit by the same thing that baby got hit by in Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. But we found out that looks can be deceiving and although Knickers is huge, hanging out with a bunch of smaller cows certainly boosts his image.

This week, a Holstein by the name of Knickers captured the heart of the Internet by standing horns and shoulders above a herd of cattle on a farm in Australia.

And there’s no arguing that the lad is large.

At the shoulder, Knickers stands a mighty 6’4”, which means he’s two inches taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he weighs roughly 2,800 pounds, which is the approximate equivalent of 14-and-a-half Danny DeVitos.

Which is to say, Knickers is big. But also that his bigness is relative to whatever he is being compared to.

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