In a stunning series of videos, Nickolas Melville went for a jog in the Rancho San Antonio Preserve in northern California and came across a life or death battle between a mountain lion and a 4-point buck.

Regarding this first video Melville said, “This is about halfway through a 15min attack and kill of a 4 point buck 11/1/2015… thought maybe deer might escape but kitty was persistent.”

On this next video, Melville said, “Coming down the trail at Ranch San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Northern California and stumbled on 3 hikers filming the attack just 30 yards from the trail. After 10min the buck was exhausted with the mountain lion hanging on the muzzle for so long… eventually the deer collapsed into an almost lovers kiss with the cougar… both exhausted… when finally the mountain lion goes for the throat…”

A senior park ranger Chris Barresi told CBS Local  there’s no reason to be overly alarmed. “As far as danger on the trail, be more worried about ticks and snakes than mountain lions.” He continued, “Although you may be very tempted to pull out your camera and start rolling video… we would not recommend standing there watching the cat.”

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