Beyond the Roar isn’t just a hunting film; it’s a film about survival, teamwork and brotherhood. There aren’t many films out there that so perfectly capture the various feelings the great outdoors can inspire – both breathtaking and gut-wrenching, because canoeing through whitewater is no walk in the park.

The film follows an adventure in the Yukon wilderness Aaron Hitchins and Will O’Brien felt compelled to take after the passing of their friend, Andrew Brose. The result is an adventure that makes you feel like you can almost feel the mist of the rapids on your skin and smell the mountain air. The beautifully shot film perfectly captures what it’s like to survive with just your instincts in the wild, while getting closer to nature through the memory of a lost friend.

BEYOND THE ROAR from Rockhouse Motion on Vimeo.

For the full story of the film, visit Outdoor Life.


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