An extremely close call was recently captured by two different motorcyclists after one of them hit a dog, causing him and the second rider to lay down their bikes, while traveling on Hwy 21 in Omro, Wisconsin over the weekend. If that wasn’t bad enough, the second rider came within what looks like inches from getting ran over by an oncoming semi.

Warning: There is NSFW language in this video:

The rider recording the first video, Travis Meyer, had all ideas he had just witnessed at least one of his friends getting killed due to a random stray dog. After seeing multiple bodies bouncing on pavement towards oncoming traffic, it seems impossible that they could have both survived, but they did.

A second angle of the incident shows just how close – and incredibly blessed and lucky to be alive – the two riders came to tragedy:

I have no idea how the rider manages to pull out of a full body slide and jump out of the way. What he manages to do looked superhuman. He isn’t even badly hurt as he’s seen walking around as Meyer rides back to check on them. The other rider didn’t fair so well and is seen writhing on the ground in pain as 911 is called, but at least he’s alive.

Accidents like this show just how important defensive driving is, especially on motorcycles.

An interview with the riders who were involved in the incident can be seen over on the Biker Dad Facebook page.


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