When Andy Moore caught a 19-inch black crappie outside of Omaha, Nebraska, while ice fishing with his brother, he knew it was a potential state record. The only thing is, he didn’t want to risk killing the fish just to get the record.

Moore knew the drive to where a Nebraska Game & Parks employee could certify was an hour away, so he decided he would settle for videoing the fish’s measurements and releasing it instead.

“Everybody fishes for a different reason. Some for food, fun, adventure or the experience,” he said. “I’m one of those that just likes the experience of fishing. That feeling you get when the fish hits.”

The fish ended up being estimated to weigh 5 pounds. The Nebraska state record for black crappie was 4.8 points, while the IFGA world record was 5 pounds.

This would make most people regret releasing the fish, but not Andy Moore.

“Any fish that’s rare or a trophy fish or a Master Angler size always goes back (in the water) in my book,” Moore said. “It’s just good for the gene pool and good for somebody else if they catch it. I’m a firm believer in that. Too bad people don’t do it, especially in our Metro lakes.”



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