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Ice Cream Loving Squirrel Goes to the Same Shop Every Single Day

You may think you love ice cream, but do you love it enough to eat it two times a day, every single day and from the same place? Putter the Squirrel does.

This ice cream obsessed squirrel even lives in a tree above the shop where she gets her sweer-tooth fix at Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf. She even has a special mini cone that she gets served twice per day.

“You call her name, and she literally will come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof, ultimately to the rail and waits on her cone,” Scott Martin said.

Putter even has a flavor of choice, “Vanilla, and I started giving her no-sugar-added because I don’t need her to be a diabetic. It has nuts in it, so she loves that,” he continued.

Scott and Pam Martin, who own the Holden Beach, North Carolina, shop, say that Putter showed up last summer and hasn’t missed a cone yet.

“A lady came back in and said, ‘There’s a little squirrel out there that I offered a little bite of my cone to, and she took off with the whole thing,’” Scott said about his first encounter with Putter. “First thing, I offered to get her a new cone. But then Putter kept coming back for more.”

Instead of becoming the local rodent ice cream bandit, Putter has become a mascot for the store.

“The first thing they ask for — ‘Is Putter here? Have you seen Putter today?’” Pam Martin says. “So they come. They know she’s here, and they want to see her.”

“She’s quite a little character,” he added. “She actually plays golf with the kids. She’ll run around the course and play with the golf balls. She’s a cute little mascot. We’re blessed to have her.”