Virginia couple, Nat Campbell and his wife Peggy discovered an incredible find in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. While on vacation at North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, the couple found an absolutely massive ancient shark tooth.

Image: weather.com

“We had been there maybe 15 minutes, standing in ankle deep water and all of a sudden I looked to my left and within two feet I saw this shark’s tooth, which I thought it was a shark’s tooth but I’ve never seen anything that large,” Campbell said. “My wife though it was a rock. And I reached over and picked it up and I saw the serrated edges so I knew then that it was a big shark’s tooth, but I had no idea it was a Megalodon.”

The Campbell’s took the tooth to be examined by aquarist Brady Stoever at Ripley’s Aquarium in South Carolina. It was there that Stoever told them the tooth was likely millions of years old and belonged to the Megalodon, which was the largest species of shark to ever exist.

Luckily the Megalodon is extinct, a maximum length of 60 feet in length (great whites max out at 20 feet), it wouldn’t have been a fun day had they run into what used to be attached to that tooth.

Campbell plans to keep the tooth, saying it’s a great conversation starter.


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