Daytona International Speedway is shut down today because of Hurricane Matthew, which is skirting the Florida coast today, knocking power to hundred of thousands of homes and businesses and causing extensive damage.

Some of the images and videos from the Daytona Beach area show just how intense this storm is, but what about this flooded Daytona Super Stretch photo?


From Snopes: Although this image is real, it has no connection to Hurricane Matthew or events of October 2016. The photograph was actually taken by Jim Foreman back in May 2009, during a period of heavy rains in the Daytona Beach area:

Daytona Beach, Fla., has received more than 17 inches of rain since Sunday, and the water level inside the race track is rising.

Photos taken by AutoWeek reader Jim Foreman show that parts the race surface have flooded, with water levels as much as halfway up the protective SAFER barrier that lines the walls. Also, the tunnel under the track that provides access to the infield is flooded.

Daytona Beach is getting hammered as evidenced by other dramatic videos and news reports.




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