Perched in a tree between Hope, Peace, and Joy is a Christmas themed hunter. The decoration features a few reindeer Christmas decorations right in line with the deer stand. What was originally set up as a simple Christmas decoration, has now been shared hundreds of times on Facebook. Michael Golliver posted the photo and asked for people to call Muskegon Township Police to say they don’t want the image of a gunman pointing at them as they drive by.

“I thought it was real and turned around and went back to look at it again,” Golliver told FOX 17. “This one isn’t real. But do we get complacent driving down the road? This one isn’t real, the next we believe isn’t real and it is.”

It turns out the display—made from Halloween decorations—was a tribute to homeowners Brittany Cousins’s father, who died suddenly about a year and a half ago. Cousins told Fox17, “Hunting was always something we always did together, and this was something we kind of joked about, putting a hunter up as a Christmas decoration.”


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