This turkey hunting accident just goes to show you that it’s always important to double, triple and quadruple check what you’re shooting at before you actually pull the trigger.

Three men who had come to Kansas to hunt turkeys ended up in quite the unfortunate predicament when one of the hunters mistook a turkey fan for an actual bird and shot at it. Unfortunately for the shooter and the victims, his brother and a close friend were hiding behind the fan, calling in what they had believed to be another turkey.

The shooter had initially been dropped off while the other two drove further into the property to hunt somewhere else. They ended up stumbling upon each other in about the worst way to ever bump into someone. The incident is being considered a hunting accident, though it is still under investigation.

It’s not clear yet just how far away the shooter was when he fired his 12-gauge shotgun at the fan, but it didn’t take him long to realize he had mate a terrible mistake. The blast struck both men. Fortunately for them the blast didn’t kill them. They sustained wounds to their faces and upper bodies.

“They were positioned close together, trying to draw in what they thought was a turkey,” Sheriff Dan Peak said.

They’re lucky to be alive. With turkey season having just started, let’s hope there aren’t anymore shootings of anything other than a turkey for the rest of the season.

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