Usually you can stop worrying about an animal harming you after you kill it. Unfortunately Gary Heeter, 69, of Bend, Oregon, found out the hard way that a dead elk can still pose a major threat after he fell back onto the animals antlers while transporting it, impaling himself.


Heeter had shot the elk on Saturday in the Maury Mountains before he tied it to the back of his four-wheeler and ended up slipping off the back while going up a steep hill.

The hunting party Heeter was with provided him with first aid to stop the bleeding while others called for help.

“When the deputy arrived at the crash scene, he found Heeter was conscious and communicative, but appeared to be going into shock,” according to the sheriffs office.

Life Flight arrived on the scene to transport Heeter to a hospital. He is now said to be in fair condition after being flown to St. Charles Hospital.

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