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Top 7 Secrets For Bass Fishing To Hook More Fish

With a booming billion-dollar sports fishing industry, it comes with no surprise as to how much we Americans love fishing. Fishing is also one of the best ways to escape to nature and engage in recreational activities with family and friends. 

A common fish that’s easily available in abundance throughout is the bass. But then catching a bass can get a bit complicated as these fishes can get aggressive, and also vary in size that gets anywhere between a pound and 20 pounds.

Sometimes it takes up a considerable amount of patience to catch the first bass of the day as it requires some exploring, analyzing, understanding the environment, and examining the situation. The above facts, along with a few others, can make this particular task quite challenging for beginners.

Of course, the first thing anyone does is get the best fishing rod from the market, but then it doesn’t do any good to your fishing unless you are aware of those few essential intricacies. So no matter if you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, here are the top 7 Secrets of Bass fishing that you can always use to hook more fishes next time you go fishing.

Preparing the Right Set of Gear

When it comes to bass fishing, there is no unique size that fits all. You have to make changes in the type of equipment you choose, depending on the location and time of the year.  The best, though in this, is to always carry the few essentials in the gear kit. You might want to ask a local fisher or two about their experiences and choose the right combination of equipment, and the location, to start with. While making it quite easier, using the right set of gear not only ensures you catch your fish with comfort, but it also gives you an added advantage of catching even more fish.

Get a Fishing Rod that’s Ergonomic and suitable to Your Preference

Bass fishing is absolutely nothing without the right fishing rod. Depending on the location and surrounding you choose, it’s necessary to choose the best fishing rod that’s capable of handling up to 15 pounds of ruthless aggression. Casting rods are good and known for extended outreach, while spinning rods are preferred to improvise with accuracy in difficult and challenging water terrains.

Fishing Lines and Reels

Selecting the right fishing line is also important. The three common names that you might be familiar with are monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. With the braided lines being the most preferred, the actual choice, however, depends on the needs as many fishers use a combination of two lines to get the job done. It does help in tricking the fish and in defending the line visibility.

A durable and well-built reel can be a good companion in helping you with your bass fishing. If it happens to be a saltwater region where you are planning to fish, a graphite composite reel can be a good choice for its resistivity against saltwater corrosion.

Choosing the Right Type of Lure

With thousands of options available, choosing the one that suits your fishing spot, fish size and type can be daunting as they vary a lot in terms of design, style, shape, and size. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits work great in catching bass fishes, depending on the conditions. However, you can always experiment with something new, like adding an extra insect-like rubber or plastic bait with an extra hook to increase your chances.

Weather Conditions Affect Bass Behavior

The fickle behavior of bass with weather changes is one of the major influencing factors that can affect the number of fishes you catch in the days to come. Stable weather conditions are ideal for investing time in fishing. 2-3 days of consistent sunshine works as a good hint that you should grab your equipment and head for the water.

Changing temperatures can affect your fishing. Since bass slows down their activity during cold seasons, it is often advised to search them in warmer parts of the lake. One of the major reasons for such sudden temperature drops can be the cold fronts, but then some prior knowledge of this event can help you get a handful of fishes in your angling trip. Sensing the sudden temperature changes, bass try and gather as many resources they can to withstand the temperature and pressure shift, thus leaking a good chance for the angler to score more in terms of the number of fishes caught!

Learn to Benefit From the Wind

Wind current can impact bass fishing unless you understand and use them as an advantage. Sometimes you will find a need to adjust the equipment, bait, and lines to comply with the wind, but that’s just fine. To get more stability, you can add some weight to make things viable. Bass tend to swim with the current, so place your boat in the right position, and direction, to lure the bass into the hook.

In a trip or two, you will also realize that the baitfish tends to rise at a certain level during winds, creating a good environment to catch a hungry bass. Sometimes, getting as shallow as 8 ft also does the work in a spell.

Timing is of Essence

A good catch is always planned and times. The best time of the day is the less light time, or in other words, the sunrise and pre-sunset time. As bass gets active during this time of the day, it delivers a lot of action to the fisher. However, during the day, these fishes tend to hide near cozy and safe spots such as among the vegetation, so luring them can be difficult, but if the judgment is right, it is often rewarding.

It’s All About Adapting and Persevering

Man holding Striped Bass out of the water

No matter how much of the logic, science, and technique you put to your fishing efforts, it will always remain a complex, addictive, and creative art. It’s all about learning from the experience and focus on adapting to a flexible approach that’s based on fair analysis, and judgment of the surrounding environment. This also involves inducing an equal level of perseverance and ample faith in your instincts before you make a hit.

Following these 7 easy secrets will help you in getting more fish the next time you plan to get along. However, you should always feel free to experiment to add more to your angling experience. With that said, wish you Happy Fishing!

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